We're All Connected: Systems Thinking

We are honored to offer a wide variety of workshops this year. Below are the organizations, titles, and brief descriptions of the workshops that will be presented to attendees. 

Morning Workshops 2021

These run from 11:50 to 12:35, ET

Climate Change and our Food Supply

By: Sara Kempton from Van Cortlandt Park Alliance

How does your dinner affect the climate? How does climate affect the way we grow crops and eat? In more ways than you realize. This workshop will dive into the ways in which food and climate are inextricably linked and how we can both better our diets and the planet by understanding these connections. Examine ways in which different farming systems affect the climate and learn of some very local ways in which people are stepping in to disrupt the system and feed themselves and the planet. If you're interested in local food, sustainable diets, or lowering your carbon footprint through your food choices this workshop is for you. Change can start with your next meal.

Afternoon Workshops

These ran from 1:30 to 2:15

Friends of Brook Park

By: Danny Chervoni from Friends of Brook Park

In this workshop, hear from Danny Chervoni from Friends of Brook Park, a leading community-based environmental organization in the South Bronx. Friends of Brook Park has preserved 26 acres of public parkland, serves hundreds of youth with unique environmental educational programming, leads shore clean-ups, conducts eco-education tours, and remains strong advocates for environmental justice, waterfront access, and green space development.