We're All Connected: Systems Thinking

Last year, we were honored to offer a wide variety of workshops, spanning everything from climate justice to urban farming to oyster restoration in the Bronx. Below are the workshops offered last year to give an idea of what will be included in this year's workshops.

Morning Workshops 2020

These ran from 12:00 to 12:45, ET

NY Sun Works: Building a Hydroponic System from Everyday Materials

Led by Megan Nordgren, the Director of Program Development at NY Sunworks

Join NY Sun Works to learn how you can bring a hydroponic science lab to your school and create a mini-hydroponic kit with materials you can find in your home. You will learn how hydroponics works and how it's an important tool in urban agriculture. 

Gardening For A Sustainable Future

Led by Sara Kempton, the Environmental Education and Garden Manager at the Van Cortlandt Park Alliance

How can small (or large) vegetable garden areas affect larger social issues? Lots of ways! In this workshop we will discuss how community and school gardens partnered with a farm stand can be utilized to address issues of environmental sustainability through a more local food system. This workshop is perfect for students or teachers in a school that has a garden, (or if you want it to), for those who are passionate about addressing issues of food access and inequity (or want to know what that is), and for anyone who wants to know the type of work being done in the Bronx with a focus on the work of the Van Cortlandt Park Alliance.

Climate Justice: Local to Global

A dynamic workshop that guides participants’ exploration of the intersections between climate change and other social justice issues affecting their lives and communities. At its core, climate change is a justice issue -- intergenerationally, globally, nationally and on the community level. Participants will become familiar with the term “climate justice” and more comfortable discussing the justice implications of climate change in their local communities, across the country, and at the global scale. With a deeper understanding of climate justice, participants will leave the workshop ready to take action and lead climate change solutions with greater motivation, compassion, and effectiveness. 

Finding Your Niche in the Youth Climate Movement

So you’ve organized a protest that 315,000 people attended and formed a coalition of passionate climate organizers --- what next? Building momentum is the hardest thing to execute in the aftermath of a powerful protest, and endless weekly striking after a year felt pointless to me. Organizations like Extinction Rebellion Youth US and TREEage have allowed the youth movement to progress forward and allow for movement speciality. By working with non-violent direct actions on the more “radical” side of the movement, and writing and endorsing candidates on the political side of the movement, I’ve found my niche. Climate is increasingly going to be the focus of our generation, and generations to come, and now is an important time to find how to blend your individual passions into a spot in the climate justice movement. 

Led by Azalea Danes, Communications at TREEage

Youth Organizing for a Green New Deal with the Sunrise Movement

Led by Berenice Tompkins and Robert Malone from Sunrise NYC

Join Robert Malone and Berenice Tompkins of Sunrise NYC to learn about the Green New Deal -- a vision for addressing climate change, creating good jobs and getting our country out of economic recession -- and how it could benefit young New Yorkers. We will also dive into Sunrise's strategy for mobilizing millions of young people and explore ways you can take action right now, even while social distancing.

The Art of Passion Projects

In this workshop learn with award winning activist Victor Davila as they teach the techniques needed to integrate any hobby or passion into any community or environment based project!

Led by Victor Davila, the Program Manager for Activists Coming To Inform Our Neighborhood at THE POINT

Afternoon Workshops

These ran from 1:30 to 2:15

We're All Connected: Systems Thinking

Led by Howard Waldman, Green Dean at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School

In this workshop we will explore how no "problem" is solved by itself, without context. We will learn about Systems Thinking and do an exercise in which we learn how to explore environmental issues so that we understand the system that created them and the community that can correct them.

Getting to the Roots of Climate Change

This is Zero Hour's Getting to the Roots of Climate Change workshop dives into the root causes of climate change and the need for climate justice. Deeply embedded racism, sexism, colonialism, and capitalism are the factors that drive climate change and make its effects even worse. We believe that taking action on the climate crisis means reversing these systems of oppression that disproportionately affect minority groups. During our presentation, we will address how each root cause functions in our society and how they are connected to climate change as well as possible solutions like the Green New Deal.

Led by Rachel Lee, the NYC Head Coordinator for This Is Zero Hour 

Restoration & Education: Oysters in the Bronx

Led by Diana Fu, Education Field Science Specialist at the Billion Oyster Project

Join Bronx-resident and Billion Oyster Project's Field Science Specialist in an informative workshop about Billion Oyster Project's work in the Bronx in both large-scale environmental restoration projects and small-scale community science efforts. Learn why oysters are so important to New York City's ecosystem, and find out how you can get involved (and possibly adopt some oysters!)

Tell Your Climate Story

Led by Erin Griffin, Climate and Communities Coordinator at the Wild Center

Personal storytelling is a powerful way to communicate about climate change and empower people to take action. In this workshop, identify your own personal connection to climate change and begin to develop your own climate story. We'll also explore how climate stories can be used as a communication tool for written pieces, presentations, and more!

Civil Disobedience and Activism

Led by Edie Fine, the NYC Arts Coordinator for Extinction Rebellion Youth, and Olivia Wohlgemuth, a Local Group Coordinator for Extinction Rebellion NYC

This workshop is centered on NVDA, which stands for Non-violent Direct Action, and how we can use different forms of direct action to fight the climate crisis and create change. These forms include not only things like sit-ins and blockades, but also art activism and using our creative outlets to bring about change. We will be teaching about how we can use art and youth creativity and community to build a revolution of love and rage.